Workshops              schedule for 2009

Lucas Cichon and his wife, Kathie (Instructor and professional photographer) conduct Fine Art photography workshops throughout the continental United States and Canada. Lucas' articles and photography are featured in numerous magazines and is a contributor to RV Adventure Magazine and He maintains an active speaking schedule on the subjects of digital photography and marketing, addressing professional photography organizations, art schools, seminars, and workshops. Customized Workshops and personalized one-on-one classes available. E-mail inquires


Landscapes and Legends of the Old West

This technical workshop emphasize photography on location and is designed to immerse the adventurous photographer and history buff into digital photography. The rugged country of Southeastern Arizona, adds a richness of natural and historical beauty to your experience and gives you a sense-of-place, of connection to the past and the people who walked this land before us.

Panoramic Photography

See and photograph the world in panoramic format. This comprehensive workshop covers all the steps involved in creating panoramas with regular digital cameras, image capture techniques, aesthetic considerations, processing, stitching and editing your image, and finally presenting the images for the web and print.

Get a hands-on introduction to the tools, methods and advanced techniques that change the way one visualizes, shoots and presents compelling and creative panoramic photographs of both outdoor natural subjects and interiors. Learn to see or pre-visualize what subjects make a good panoramic and, the technical HDR (high dynamic range) concepts and tricks of shooting not for the one perfect "shot" but for the needs of combined images to build the final panoramic image.

Participants work with their own digital cameras and then assemble the panorama from a series of overlapping images using photo-editing and stitching software to process final panoramic images. We spend time defining each participant’s vision of the panoramic image through critiques and lectures.

Cichon encourages photographers to compose for the expansiveness of the panoramic format in landscape, architecture, and people photography. Training the eye to see the “big picture” while paying attention to the interaction of the larger elements in the frame as opposed to the smaller details.

Required: Digital camera and tripod.

The Black and White digital photograph

Using digital cameras to produce exciting black and white photographs is an unique challenge. This workshop focuses on the thought process of capturing a black and white photograph. Turning your vision into a reality, through a series of technical "tricks", we will create stunning black and white digital images from pixels to prints.

The digital photographer’s workflow must be revised to make the best black and white image today. Starting with the color captured exposures, converting, enhancing, and choosing final output from traditional materials to inkjet prints.

Discussions, demonstrations and hands-on projects will include HDR (high dynamic range), conversion from color files, using filtered color for traditional tonal effects, masking, duotones controls for tonal tuning, in addition to various black and white printing options and papers. With these techniques, you'll learn a new way of seeing, which will open up a world of possibilities for you when you go to make exposures.

Required: Digital camera and tripod.

Fine Art Digital Nocturnal Photography

Wake-up and begin the process of seeing and producing long exposure night photographs. Capture the images you visualize. Use techniques to produce interesting and compelling night time photographs. Digital photography equipment has expanded the light sensitivity beyond the perceptible range and into an area for of innovative experimentation. You will be creating stunning images and learn the skills to capture night photos while everyone else is sleeping.

During our first session, techniques, equipment, personal creative goals and safety issues will be covered. Moving outdoors, we will create night-time images. The following day, we begin post-processing your night pictures in Photoshop. Work will be critiqued and related to your personal artistic objectives. A second night shoot gives participants the opportunity to put into practice the night skills they have learned. You will learn to make fabulous photographs at night, as well as tranquil photos of the darkness by starlight.

Required: Digital camera and tripod It is highly recommended that the camera is able to shoot RAW.

Creative Digital Photography

This imagination based course is designed to develop your creative eye with lessons that blend technical knowledge with visual elements of design. Learn how many of the basic functions of the digital camera will produce beautiful images. Something magical happens when we look through a camera lens. Regardless of our theme, the subject matter takes on a different feel. The resulting photograph differs from the actual view. The subject is represented in the image the way the photographer chooses to represent it, through the filter of the photographer’s eye.

This workshop analyzes how we can use the camera to better capture what we hold in our mind’s eye. We identify the principal features that all images have in common and explore how great images use them most successfully. We examine work by contemporary and historic photographers and consider the choices they made. We also discuss each other's work, looking for patterns in the way we see as individuals. We will practice expanding and fine-tuning our personal vision through daily assignments and critiques. Participants are encouraged to use their cameras in new and unique ways to capture what their mind envisions.

Required: A (SLR) single lens reflex Digital camera and tripod.

Light and Form

This workshop is for the photographer who wants to discover the magic of light, both natural and studio lighting. We will demonstrate the setup and use studio lighting. We will use light to create unique still life, portrait, and nude figure photographs. Explore the elements of light and understand white balance, color temperature, and light quality. Learn to work with natural light, indoors and out, and to create effects with shadows. Discover how light affects portraits, motion, emotion, close-up shots and low-light photography 

Required: Digital camera and tripod

Photographing People Naturally

Learn how to take natural looking photographs of people with your digital camera. Gain knowledge to make studio-quality portraits, using both formal settings , and informal settings, using available lighting or flash. Also, explore how to make great outdoor portraits, using just your flash and/or a reflector, and how to make casual candid photographs.

Required: Digital camera and tripod

Handcoloring Photographs

This hands-on workshop packs a ton of valuable information in a fun, fast-paced, technically informative event, guiding you through the basics while opening up new possibilities for artists and photographers of all levels. Find out what's up with all those color mediums, and discover surfaces for printing and coloring that you didn't think possible. I also includes tips and info about pigments, blending and glazing, controlling the drying time, mixed media, archival practices, finishing, and lots more. You'll see examples of many materials put to use, and get your questions answered by an experienced photographic artist with an intimate knowledge of hand-coloring. Infinitely versatile applications from traditional to contemporary, mixed media, collage, painting will be covered. Artists of all levels will come away from this workshop with fresh new insights to feed their creative expression. All participants will receive student starter kits and a literature packet. The curriculum includes hand-coloring your personal photographs.

We will work w/ photo oils, watercolor, colored pencils (wax and oil), metallic, both oil and caulk pastels and interferon. We will use a matte RC photo paper, RC digital paper, hot-pressed watercolor paper, canvas, sheer, and metal. We will work with your photos that I will print on these papers. You will take home finished photographs and a student kit of photo oils and colored pencils. You will learn how to compose a photo for handcoloring, how to use each medium on each type of paper, presentation and archival methods.

Required: 5 Hi-res Digital images

 Technical Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Develop the technical "know how" to create pleasing photographs. Begin the process of seeing and thinking like a photographer and develop the technical skills to capture the images you visualize digitally.

This is designed for the photographer or hobbyist who wants to move into the digital world of imaging. Students will gain a basic working knowledge of pixels, resolution, printing and emailing digital photos and simple image manipulation using Photoshop image editing software. This class is a must if you own or plan on owning a digital camera.

Required: Digital camera and tripod

Photoshop for the mid-level, passionate and enthusiastic photographer

This is a technical workshop and is designed to immerse the adventurous photographer into digital photography using mid-level Photoshop techniques. You already know the digital photography basics. We take you beyond the basics with shortcuts, tricks, and tips that let you work smarter and faster. Learn the concepts of working digital exposure, image editing with layers, masks, curves and color management of files for printing and the web.

Beginning Photoshop for the beginning photographer

A practical course for the novice user of Photoshop; learn the basic steps to prepare a file for printing. Students study fundamental digital terminology and the traditional photography methods of weaving contrast, sharpness, color, and composition together within the limitations of computer technology. The practical aspects of setting up a shoot, equipment needs, and camera controls will be discussed. Students examine such things as color correction, restoration, colorizing and archiving digital images.