Preview photos of California Artists in their Studios


Only a few of the photographs below are finished. There are comments telling you what I think needs to be done to complete the photographs.

Now - on to the photographs


The New Photos

Shane Guffogg
Shane Guffogg -
I'm fairly happy with this photograph but I might change out the picture of him. I have about 30 pictures
of him and while I like this one I'm not sure it is the one I want to use. I have a few others I like and depending
upon the mood I'm in I like those better. But, something about his head down works for the composition.
We will see.

Peter Shelton
Peter Shelton -
Another rainy day, I thought the song said "it doesn't rain in California"?. Anyway,
I think I'm just about finished with this photograph. Kathie will play with different
colors but otherwise the photograph looks good. There is something amazing about
seeing large artwork. Not that all artwork needs to be, but size does matter and I can't
wait to see the sculture installed and in bronze.

Po Shun Leong
Po Shun Leong -
A bit of work left to do on this photograph. Lighten some areas get the
flow of light to dark to work better. 

Victor Rapheal
Victor Raphael -
Victor is warm and inviting the day was cold and rainy - well my LA standards.
What a great studio. It seemed the prefect size. Still need to be done to this picture:
The computer screen will have one of his photographs on it - probably the "studio tour" he did.
I should also explain the shadow of me on the wall. Victor works with polariod transfer and sitting out
of view of this photograph is a polaroid transfer he has of his shadows against a building. Victor was kind enough
to allow me to use his concept as part of his studio tour picture.

Cheri Pann
Cheri Pann -
This photo is finished. Cheri and Gonzalo life in the Tile house. Out the doorways
you can see the exterior tiles. Cheri has a HUGE studio. Behind her studio Gonzalo has his studio
(it will be posted later) and they have turned the entire house into a work of art. 

Judy Stabile

Judy Stablie -
Judy has a wonderful studio located in Venice, California. I love glass art and for me
this was a treat. As you can see I've got some contrast and brightness work to do on this photograph.
The windows are painted so you can't see through them - her studio is right on a
major street - so they will remain white.

Lucas Cichon

Suzan Woodruff -
It was a cool winters day when we photographed Suzan.
I actually think this photo is pretty much complete. I'm not sure if Kathie is going to
handcolor it later but we both like it in color so for now it is complete.


Not the newest photos

Marc Katano -
We had such a good time visiting with Marc and his Wife Nicole.
(She's a photographer -

He had just started working on the series to the far left and on the floor.
The photograph still needs a bit of work. The darks are too dark.

Synthia Saint James -
Synthia's studio has a deck that overlooks a green landscape. I love to think of
her cat sitting and watching her paint.

Dianna Cohen -
It's hard not to love the light in this studio. 

Jon Furmanski - No website
Have to put Jon into this picture and darken the hallway on the left

Kim Schoenstadt - No website
I've got a bit of work left on this one. All the windows need to be darkened as
do parts of the studio.

Bill Tunberg -
I've still got to darken some of the areas here. This is perhaps
the only studio without some of the artists work being shown.
There are times when photographs can not show or
even represent properly artwork. Bill's work is AMAZING and
a photograph of it just doesn't do it justice. Instead we can show
his tools.


If you've been here before you've probably seen the photos below

Dillladdy-johnHC.jpg (76510 bytes)
Laddie John Dill -
WOW! Another great studio, and the work!!!
I still need to "fix" the outside of the studio but otherwise it looks pretty good.
I've got another area of the studio I haven't worked up but I might still get to it and
figure out if this is the photograph I'm going to use or the one you haven't seen.

billy_alHC.jpg (63268 bytes)
Billy Al Bengston -
I'm going to keep this studio bright. It was clean and everything was in it's place.
Kind of the minimalist feel. I just love the fact he was out body surfing earlier in the day.

Hochstatterkelsey.jpg (95898 bytes)
Kelsey Hochstatter -
Still need to darken up the right outside. Otherwise, this is pretty close. Notice Mike outside cleaning up tools.
This is why I hate these small images on the internet, you really can't see him.

Cutler_shaw_JoyceHC.jpg (91707 bytes)
Joyce Cutler Shaw -
The windows need a ton of work.
Did you know JCS has her own electronic font? It's true.
Anyway, I still have a ton of work to do on this photograph. Mainly
the windows and lights.

drew-small.jpg (101062 bytes)
Drew Sturzan -
Take a look at the Grandchild! I love kids in the photograph.
I'm so glad we got to Drew when we did. He has recently retired from his commercial artwork (movie poster).
Drew said the studio was filled with commercial "work" before his retirement. Not that his commercial work isn't art - it is great art.
But, there is something so special about the studio being filled with "HIS" work that makes this feel special
to me.

GuerreroRaul-no-manHC.jpg (78832 bytes)
Raul Guerrero -
Still need to put Raul into the photograph. We have a crazy idea but I still need to figure out how to make it work as a still photograph.

HardwoodJuneHC.jpg (63804 bytes)
June Harwood -
I'm not sure what I all have to do on this. Something about the photo just isn't right. I know I could darken some of the bright areas but really I don't think that is it. For some reason the photo just doesn't seem "finished" to me. That happens to me sometimes, I have to live with my photographs and finally something will hit me.

desalvaRomanHC.jpg (85430 bytes)
Roman de Salvo -
When I was shooting the pictures of the doorway (the small one) a police car just happened to drive through and I have a photograph that shows the car outside of the door. I'm pretty sure I'm going to put that aspect into the photograph. Otherwise it is pretty close to done.

Jardine-LizHC.jpg (72934 bytes)
Liz Jardine -
Still some work to do on this photograph. I have a bunch of photos of the do and I still need to
work on the windows. Otherwise, I think I'm close.

Klosterman_kristenHC.jpg (69106 bytes)
Kristen Klosterman -
I think this photograph is finished. The best part of the photograph you can't really see well on the
web. Kristen has a disco ball that makes

devine-MattHC.jpg (89740 bytes)
Matt Devine -
Have to play with the sunny spots but otherwise this is done

RobertsGailHC.jpg (45071 bytes)
Gail Roberts -
This photograph might change a ton. I don't really like the massive amount of with space right in the middle. So, I will probably remake the panoramic so it starts and stops at the white space. The studio is nice size and you really don't get the feeling as I've composed it.

robertsonJohnHC.jpg (79568 bytes)
John Robertson -
Close to done. I have to work on the uneven lighting between the interior and exterior spaces. This has got the best view of any studio I've been at! You can't see it on internet but he looks right out onto the ocean.

paul_AmyHC--no-dog.jpg (79568 bytes)
Amy Paul -
I need to put her dog into the photograph. Otherwise, I think it's finished

schneider_gailHC.jpg (76884 bytes)
Gail Schneider -
Pretty much finished with this. Still need to look at the windows and figure out if I'm happy.

thornycroft_annHC.jpg (82636 bytes)
Ann Thornycroft -
We shot two panoramic photographs of Ann's studio. This one and another showing more of the outside. But this one just seemed to show her and her work better to me.

Alan Rath -
This is a great studio but I've still got a ton of work to do on it. There are actually two rooms and the wall
is directly in the center of the photograph. Opps, need to fix that. Also, need to fix the blown out

Bruce Beasley -
Who wouldn't want this studio? Bruce doesn't! In fact, he was building another one across the street. You can see the outside, and
skylights need to be darkened. A few other problems also exist before this photograph is finished.

Tom Holland -
What a nice man! What a great studio! What Great work!!! Again, you can see the highlights are blown out and need to be
fixed but otherwise this is pretty well set.

Deborah Oropallo - 
As you can see, this photograph is way too bright. I've got to darken a number of
areas. I had a number of photographs of Deborah to choose from and I think I
like the one I picked.

Clayton Bailey -
Take a look - Clayton is in this photograph about 9 times. Have to fix a few problems in this picture.

Huguette Caland - no website
I think I'm done on this photograph. I really like the way it turned out. Visiting Huguette was an amazing experience.

Carmen Lomas Garza -
I still need to replace the window photographs so you can see outside. Her studio is in an old Navy ship yard.

Lynn Hershman -
Lots of work to do on this photograph. I can't wait to see what Kathie does with the sofa she is sitting on (It was a pair
of red lips).

Heather Wilcoxon -
Way too bright. Need to darken some of the blown out areas and not sure I want the dogs ass
looking into the camera. But, maybe.......


Art Hazelwood -
It happens fast. Art no longer works out of this studio. I hope he finds a place
to work that is as nice as this one was.

Bella Feldman -
This one is looking good.

Brooke Chapman -
Not too bad. Still need to darken the wall on the right side.

Aaron Kramer -
What can I say, I've been to intimidated to work
on this photograph. Isn't this a great studio? But, it is going to take a ton of time to get
detail in all the small white objects. It's going to be fun once I get going.
I have a new one I'll be putting up soon.

Carol Surface -
Still a bit more contrast to be added to some areas.

Dave Zaboski -
Have a new one I'll be putting up shortly.

David Patchen -
Was working on this photograph when all of a sudden I noticed an echo! Can you see it?
Don't know who I missed it but there it is, the left hand edge of the rack just a bit left of center . So, it is
back ground zero on this one.

Helen Stanley - no website
A ton of probems here. Brightness, contrast, but.... No echos

Ignat Ignatov -

Juan Fuentes -

Kenney Mencher -

Margie Murray -

Mike Butkus -
I'm going to put his wife and family in the photograph. Thought about it for a few months and
think I like them in better.

Davin Chea Butkus

Nancy Mooslin -

Pamelina -

Romona Otto -

Robert Chapman -

Stephanie Weber -

Thomas Creed -

Tony Natsoulas -


John Gruenwald - no website



Gottfried Helnwein
Konton Nelson
Mel Ramos
Kim Ables
D.J. Hall
Kim McCarty
Lita Albuquerque
Jon Swinhart
Mike Todd
Richard Godfrey
and More

and more

To see more of our work please visit our websites:

Some info about the photos on this page.

The photos above are in different states of completion: from extremely "rough" to 
the color working drafts (photos showing color). We will be updating this page as we move along in the process. If you would like to be notified of updates please email us.

I wouldn't normally show works in process. However, a number of people who have heard about our project have asked how it is done and if they can see a few photographs. To see what they will look like when finished please take a look at the Taos Photographs

The Process :
Lucas photographs the studio using a digital camera and bracketing up to 5 exposures of the same part of the studio. It can take a few weeks to correctly stitch the photograph and combine the different exposures into a seamless photograph. Before printing we decide if the photograph is going to be displayed in Color, Black and white, or Handcolored. Lucas and prints the image. 

If we decide the print is going to be handcolored the print is handed off to Kathie. Using  traditional (non-computerized) handcoloring techniques, she adds selective coloring to the image. Kathie handcolors an artists Proof and one Original. This process can take up to a month. Prior to handcoloring any images Kathie produces working drafts. These computer colored drafts allow her to play with different color schemes and ideas. Sometimes she follows her draft ideas closely, other times, not at all. 

The final print is scanned.