Since childhood I have been fascinated with stones, rocks, bricks, cliffs and caves. My special love for texture is apparent throughout my work where it is integrated into the scenery and the landscapes that I photograph and hand-color. Every place and every person has a story to tell. It is easier to see the plot when one can avoid additional un-needed information. By striping the color and than changing or re-arranging it, I can re-tell the story any way I like.

As a photographer, I document that story in a printed image. As an award winning hand-coloring artist, I add poetry and music to the story. With the versatility of oils, pastels and color pencils, I compose rhythm and variety; from transparent to opaque, or a combination of both, to produce a luminous quality. I love color ... pure, unnatural, glowing color ... that I alter and pair up to make a medley of expression and emotion offering a new view of music, color and life.

What began with a much-loved family photograph of a small boy and his sister, hand-painted in Chicago at the turn of the last century, has turned into a journey of discovery and passion for the nostalgic appeal of overlaying color in layers, covering portions of an underlining black and white photograph, enhancing but not changing the original print, creating moods with hints of tint, ultra color or fully painted effects. The drama is added by removing some color and letting the photograph peek through ..... tricking the eye and deceiving the brain.

I paint on black-and-white or toned photographs because I love the richness and depth that an image can achieve only with the use of applied color. Combinations of photo oils, pencils, spot pens and pastels allow me to layer colors that are not natural in an image, creating moods and characteristics that are not confined by the limitations of color film. My photographs are primary and simplistic in composition but graphic and bold in their color palette. Most of my subjects are halves of themselves; complete only with the application of selective color. Half of a window, a door, a pot, a bench, even a person can be whole when colored to enhance and celebrate what can be seen rather than morn what cannot.

My husband and business partner, Lucas Cichon, a professional photographer

I am available for commercial projects and commissioned portraiture.



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