This series, with it’s warm Vandyke brown color, looks like a combination of the daguerreotype and a Gum Bichromate print. Because the emulsion has a yellow color the contrast with the deep, robust brown-tone adds a variety of warm hues to the cold range of grays in a black and white photograph. Any of these images has the potential to create a haunting, winsome longing - a melancholia, of sorts, thoughts of another day. Transforming a photograph out of the realm of documentation, into the realm of art.

In hopes of rediscovering something fresh from an old process; For me, it’s about acquiring a new skillset and honing old ones, mixing new technologies with old-fashioned craftsmanship. It’s not about doing it quickly or cheaply. It’s about the texture of the paper, the  rich  saturated colors, and the fact that I produced it by hand.

All images are digital available in custom sizes hand cropped and printed on archival art paper

11”x14”      $200        16”x20”     $400        20”x24”     $750                 plus shipping


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