Handcoloring is the process, developed in 1839, of overlaying combinations of photo oils, pencils, spot pens and pastels in layers covering portions of an underlining black and white photograph, enhancing but not changing the original print. Using small tips and fine brushes, I apply color to intricately detailed areas that is not naturally available to an image, creating moods with hints of tints, ultra color or fully painted effects that stretches the imagination.  Rather than recapturing the view as originally seen through the camera's lens, this historic process allows me the creative expression to alter each photograph into an unique image. This labor-intensive process transforms a black and white print into a fine piece of art.

All images are one of a kind, many are framed and ready for delivery

Please call for pricing



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Bench & Stair

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Roses, Wicker and a Chair

new05.jpg (40077 bytes)

Rose Cottage

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  Verde Ventana  (Green Window)

new07.jpg (81772 bytes)

Hello There

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One Bell

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Daffs in a Pot

new10.jpg (64919 bytes)

TRusty Truck

new11.jpg (88664 bytes)

Dos BlancoTulips

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new13.jpg (97158 bytes)

Sunshine Fresh

new15.jpg (92853 bytes)

Over a Barrel

new16.jpg (93535 bytes)

"Re-Marq"able Truck

new18.jpg (64719 bytes)

OK City Birthday

new19.jpg (81608 bytes)

Afternoon Delight

new20.jpg (71788 bytes)

Olde World Charm


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