This series, Ex Libris, Viewed through a prism of sepia-toned nostalgia, the libraries of old are visceral testaments to knowledge and diversions. Each holding collections of tales, fantastic or true, passed down and added to for generations. Browsing among the stacks of feverish imaginings wrapped in dustcovers, smelling of paper, glue and leather, I ask myself   "Why Google?"  when one can wander, wonder and muse? My study in sepia, instantly becomes a nostalgic self-directed journey with Dewey, as my guide, back to a time where the aroma of research was a combination of dusty beeswax and the librarian’s perfume, not a double half/caf and a bran muffin. Back to a place where quite was a secular shush without ring tones or iPods. Imagine feeling the thrill of victory at finding the illusive fact or the much sought after book. Than walking down the well-worn wide staircase with the book under arm and that feeling in your backside from the hard chair. Can’t get that sitting at home, in front of your computer…... in your Pjs.

All images are digital available in custom sizes hand cropped and printed on archival art paper

11”x14”      $200        16”x20”     $400        20”x24”     $750                 plus shipping


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